Scuba Diving

Morrison Springs

November, 2007

After we finished diving at Vortex Springs, where we had rented our scuba gear, we drove the short distance to Morrison Springs. This spring is owned by the state, and they have recently built up the area to make it diver friendly. There is no charge to dive in this spring (as of 2/2010).

When Revan and I dove here in 2007, we were the only divers at the spring. The water was crystal clear, and the location was beautiful. The spring is surrounded by cypress swamps, and it has a surreal quality that was a bit spooky for two boys from out west.

We explored a little in the swamp area since at that time there was a geocache at the spring (it has since been archived). We were protected by the bazillion mosquitoes by our wetsuits!!

The spring itself was fun to dive. There is a cavern system that feeds into the main spring diving area. We peeked into the cavern, but did not venture inside. I don't ever see myself cave diving! The current coming out of the cavern opening is quite strong. There must be a huge volume of fresh water flowing daily from the spring.

After we dove the spring, we floated a few hundred yards down the river that is created by the outflow from the spring. There were many freshwater turtles in the river, and we extended our dive until we were out of air. We were less than 10 ft deep in the river.

Morrison Spring scuba
Morrison Springs scuba

Morrison Springs scuba
Morrison Springs scuba