Scuba Diving

Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles

April 13-17, 2008

Bon Bini!

Dive 5
April 15, 2008
Bari Reef (night dive)

This was a fun dive. We dove Bari Reef which is right off the hotel dock. The moon was bright enough that we dove most of the time without our dive lights. One really cool thing we found was that if we highlighted a smaller fish with our dive light, these huge Tarpons would use the light to target their prey and blast past us to try to get dinner. Amazing learned behavior. I don't know if the Tarpon we saw was the famous "Charlie" but these fish were huge. 6 feet long or better.

Another cool thing was the bioluminescence caused by the dinoflagellates in the water. When we turned off our dive lights, and moved through the water, the water would glow. If we moved our hands quickly in the water, there would be a trail of bioluminescence following our hands.

Bonaire Scuba Den Laman
Bonaire Scuba Den Laman