Scuba Diving

Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles

April 13-17, 2008

Bon Bini!

Dive 1
April 13, 2008
Bari Reef
(in front of Den Laman Hotel)

Our first dive on Bonaire was our checkout dive as part of the Marine Park orientation. We didn't have anyone "checking us out", they expect you to take the dive seriously and adjust your own bouyancy so that you can dive the reefs without touching anything.
The reef in front of the Den Laman condo is Bari Reef. This reef has a fantastic variety of life to experience. I didn't take any pictures during this dive since my dive camera was lost along with my luggage.

We wore 3 mil "shorties" on all of our dive in Bonaire. This was more to protect us from scrapes and stings and abrasions from our gear than it was for water temps.

Bonaire Scuba Den Laman
Bonaire Scuba