JMT Hike 2010

Well, I just got back from my 95 mile solo John Muir Backpacking trip. What an experience. It was challenging physically, but so incredibly rewarding. The natural beauty of the Sierra Nevada mountains cannot be captured in photos. The immense granite monoliths, the deep canyons and soaring mountain passes have to be experienced. I enjoyed the serenity and quiet, and at the same time really enjoyed talking to the fellow hikers I got to know on the trail. (Al and Richard, good luck with the remainder of the trail!)

I hiked Southbound, from Yosemite Valley to Vermillion Valley Ranch. I averaged 10 miles a day, which is considered a rather sedate pace by thru hikers, but worked just fine for me. Some of the trail friends I met (Sean and Pipi) were doing 30 miles a day!

I did two resupplies. I mailed supplies to Toloumne Meadow and Reds Meadow Resort. Both were shipped successfully and were waiting for me when I arrived. Supplies can be purchased at both Toloumne and Reds, but some items were not in stock due to the late date in the season.

I will write up a full trip report and post it to my main web site, but for now some of the pictures and videos can be seen here.

Lake Virginia

Donohue Pass

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