Tarptent Moment

Just got my new Tarptent. Called the ‘Moment’. Weighs 28 oz, fully enclosed shelter that is half the weight of my double wall tent. I like the fact that it has a free standing option, is extremely easy to setup, and is light! I will give this tent a trial run next weekend on the Superior Hiking Trail, and then a good test on my JMT hike this summer.


Tarptent Moment

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2 Responses to Tarptent Moment

  1. Charlene says:

    so…..how did the trip go and how did the tent hold up?
    See you soon. I want to see lots of pictures. Charlene

  2. RandyS says:

    I used this tent on my 2010 John Muir trip, and it was perfect. I loved the layout, ease of setup and light weight. I didn’t experience any rain on this trip, but I did get a few inches of snow on one night. The tent had a layer of ice on the outside in the morning. The snow rolled off for the most part and collected outside the tent walls. No snow inside, and although the temp hit a low of 26 that night, I was fine in the tent. One of the things to consider with a single wall tent is that in order to minimize condensation, they make these with excellent ventilation. In cold, windy weather, this also means that the temp inside is the same as the temp outside. Plan accordingly! With a double wall tent, the inside of the tent can be several degrees warmer than the outside temps.

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